Some flavor combinations are simply timeless. When you pair the tangy, fruity taste of a just-picked strawberry with the light and refreshing sweetness of cream, you get one of the most satisfying experiences on planet earth. And now, this delicious flavor profile is available in the new CBDfx Strawberry Milk CBD e-liquid. You already know you want a CBD oil-infused vape juice; you might as well get one that tastes good! Made from the same lovingly grown, organic hemp plants as all of our CBD products, the Strawberry Milk CBD vape e-liquid gives you a strong cannabidiol dose wrapped up in a delicious package.


Consuming CBD in the vapor form is actually a lot more beneficial than many give it credit since CBD Tinctures is considered the more common way to experience it. Despite Tinctures being the classic delivery method for dosing Cannabidiol, Vaping CBD is considered the most effective to some. Vaping CBD E-juice comes packed with many benefits, such as the fast absorption, its fewer ingredients, personalized dosing, and the relaxing feel of vaping.

CBDfx Vape Series Strawberry Milk

  • Milligrams of CBD/Bottle: 250

    No THC

    Non GMO

    Pure CBD Isolate Crystals, 99%+ Pure CBD

    Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Cannabidiol (CBD), Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural & Artificial Flavors

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